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Split it is available on the last page of checkout. So from the add to cart page click the green checkout button. Follow the steps until the last page then select splitit and click the green button that says pay now.
What is Splitit?
Splitit is a global payment option that allows you to pay over time using your existing Visa or Mastercard. Choose Splitit at checkout and we will split your order into 3 payments over the next three months making the Microderm Pro you've been eyeing a lot easier to manage.
We will authorize your card for the entire amount, like a hotel, but will only charge 1/3 every month. There is no credit check, there is no interest, and we don't charge you a penny extra to use Splitit.

Your order total is $75. Today we will charge $25, and authorize $50. Next month we will charge $25, and authorize $25. Finally the month following we will charge you your last $25.

Which Cards are Supported by Splitit
Splitit supports Visa, MasterCard, Amex and UnionPay currently. 

Benefits of Using Splitit
0% Interest
No Credit Check
Never any late fees
Instant Approval
Works with your existing credit card
No Application/Registration

Post Purchase Questions
Splitit requires no application or registration. If you have the available funds to buy on your card, you are automatically approved. Splitit will email your account credentials to you after your transaction in case you ever need to change your card, delay a payment, or pay off your purchase in full at any time.

Splitit also has a 24/7 Support team to answer any of your questions post purchase.
Call in at +1-844-Splitit (1-844-775-4848) or email via support@splitit.com